Spoilers ahead for Night Teeth, obviously.

Image Courtesy of Netflix

In her review for IndieWire, Kate Erbland describes Netflix’s new vampire film Night Teeth as trying to be “Collateral” meets “The Lost Boys,” and failing on both counts. I think that’s entirely correct.

“Night Teeth” follows a wild night in the life of Benny…

Source: Netflix

Like everyone else with a Netflix account, I got sucked into the fervor around The Queen’s Gambit when it was released late last year. It usually takes weeks or even months after people have stopped talking about a show for me to finally watch it, but this time was different.

Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash

Metal rusts quickly where I am.

Air damp with rot moves like a bellows
and where it settles
iron crumbles to nothing;
from marrow to skin
a crusted shell
of waiting red,
to be destroyed by
the hair-trigger touch
of some careless finger.

From shape to memory
and a red stain.

I thought I saw it on me, today.
My arms held the
ghost of dust.
They creaked
at the bends.
The noise inside, in my ears.
In my head.
Maybe it was real.

Maybe I’m just heavy.

There are gashes
in my car.
Its body weeps red dust.
I know it’s rotten from the inside.
It still works.
We both do.

Someday I’ll make everything lovely
new metal.

Strong. Unbroken. Whole.

“Peel through the skin
now, son,
while you still
have the strength.”

“Rip out the rot
while you can still

“Don’t wait any longer.”

John Bogna

Journalist. Writer. Photographer. Human-er.

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